Welcome to Mr Stuart Winter ENT Consultant

Welcome to Mr Stuart Winter ENT Consultant

Ear, Nose & Throat Consultant

Ear, Nose & Throat Consultant

Mr. Winter is a Consultant Ear Nose and throat Surgeon. 

Mr. Winter has over 25 years experience as a doctor and has been a consultant Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon since 2009. He is lead consultant at the Oxford Head and Neck Unit at the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust.

He is able to offer a comprehensive range of assessments and treatments for Ear Nose and Throat problems.

He is able to offer advice for both adult and children, on problems including salivary glands, sinus disease, ear problems, snoring, dysphagia (swallowing problems), hearing loss,nasal polyps, neck lumps,  head and neck cancer.

He specialises in lumps in the neck, cancer of the head and neck, salivary gland problems, swallowing problems, voice and sinus problems.

Mr. Winter Graduated from the University of Bristol and was trained in the south west and Oxford areas. 

Before becoming a consultant he spent a year at the Royal Adelaide Hospital working with world experts, including Professor Krishnan, an expert in Head and Neck Cancer and PJ Wormald, a internationally respected sinus surgeon.

He was a consultant in Swansea before being appointed as a consultant at the Oxford University Hospitals and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Oxford.

Mr. Winter has been selected to join TopDoctors. This is an organisation that selects recognised leaders in their field with only 1 in 10 doctors passing the rigorous selection process.

He is a recognised national expert opinion in the area of head and neck cancer, sitting on a number of national committees as well as advising the National Institute of Health Excellence (NICE) NHS England and NHS Scotland on a number of topics.

He is regularly invited to speak at a number of national and international conferences

He is a passionate believer in research. This allows him to be able to advise on  the latest innovations. 

With in the Oxford Hospitals he is a keen teacher. He has published a number of books and book chapters. This ability to teach helps him in private practice to communicate, sometimes complex ideas to his patients, as well as ensure he maintains his knowledge across the full range of problems and treatments that occur in the head and neck.

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